We provide nature-based educational programs for students and families.

Straub Outdoors (formerly Straub Environmental Center) is a nonprofit organization offering nature-based educational programs for students of all ages and families that increase science literacy, promote a sustainable approach to daily life, create an understanding of the natural world, and inspire ecological stewardship. We provide enriching and awe-inspiring experiences that foster an understanding and appreciation of nature.


What we do

We offer educational experiences in nature for students of all ages and families. We use a “heart and head” method of education that fosters emotional connections to nature first and then intellectual-academic connections. 

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Serving our community

Our programs take people outside to signature natural areas that include forests, alpine meadows, prairies and riversides.

In 2018, more than 15,400 community members participated in our programs, special events and outreach activities. 3,586 youth and family members were directly served through our natural science field outings.

Last year, we offered nearly 50 programs and events for our regional community!


Consider donating

As a nonprofit organization, we depend critically on community support to maintain our roster of nature-based educational programs, events and services. 

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